14′ Swim and Fitness Series Swim Spa

YOU CONTROL YOUR SPEED and  a 10 Session Work Out Setting… Awesome!

 Incredible 100% Full Variable Speed River Swim Jet Current with 10 Separate Cycles all with 3 Tiltable Delux Wide River Stream Jets…

The Above Video Current Speed is Only at 30% … You Can set it anywhere from  0 – 100% Current Speed You Like

Our Vitality 14′ ” VARIABLE  ELITE” Swim and Fitness Series SWIM SPA… is an Incredible Full Featured Swim Spa for Swimming, Walking Tread Mill, Jogging Tread Mill,  Exercising, Aerobics in Water, Body Massaging and even just Floating Around enjoying the awesome current… It’s Absolutely Amazing!

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A SWIM  SPA Tech and Professional who Knows the Features of Swim Spas and How They Should be Made… From the Inside to the Outside!

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Healthy Exercises while Swimming and Great Family Times!

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