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I am Loving this Vitality Swim Spa!!
Just got out tonight and I feel great! I am already down one pain pill every day…just from exercising everyday!
Well, I got my Vitality Swim Spa and I did’t believe Steve when he said $40 – $80 dollars a month utility bill for using it… I just got my first months bill and I am shocked… My bill Only went up $27 Dollars! I keep the hot tub at 102 and Swim Area at 88 degrees… I love it!

Donna L.

Nancy H. States…Now that the cold weather has moved in I am finding that my arthritis is better than it has been in years. The warm water and the jets are taking the pain I experience away. I love being able to swim just out my back door everyday and and how much better I am feeling. This Swim Spa Source and Steve have been so good to my husband and I and made putting the Vitality Swim Spa in so easy. I wish I had done this a long time ago!!

Nancy H. States…. I love my Swim Spa !! It is the best thing we have ever done. I am getting stronger every day and how wonderful it is to get in it at night and feel the soothing warm water and the crisp cool air!! Thank you Steve for everything!

Nancy H. States… I fell two days ago and hurt my knees. I got into my Vitality SwimSpa and the next day all the pain was gone. When ever I hurt I get in it and I always feel much better when I get out! My arthritis is so much better too. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love being able to go out and relax anytime I want and my grandchildren love it too. An hour in the Spa in the evening and they go right to bed on time. No more saying they want to stay up all night.

Nancy H.

I can’t thank you enough for all that you did to sell me my new VITALITY Dual Zone Swim Spa. From everything that you told me about it before the sale, to delivering it on time, saving me several hundred dollars on the crane and getting it professionally set up, you’ve done everything you said you would do. I’m so happy with my decision. It is great to swim and rest every night in my own pool that doesn’t have the strong chemicals that the public pool did. As much as I love the swim spa, one of the best things about it is that as I am learning how to use it and balance the chemicals that you still take my calls even thou you have made the sale and collected my money. That is so rare in businesses today.

I knew the first time we talked that you were the right person to purchase it from. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Feel free to have any potential customers call me. This is one of the best investments I’ve made. I”m anxious to see how well this helps my pain.
Thank you,”

D. Housworth

I am writing to thank you for all you did for us when you put in our Vitality Swim Spa.
We had so many things that needed to be done in order for me to be able to get in and out of the spa that I thought you would not be able to do it. But not only did you do everything you told us you would do such as
building a special rail for me to hold onto and putting in a special door so I would have better accessto get in and out. You did all this with a hurt arm and hand. Your kindness and knowledge in doing all these things just blew us away. I have never had a better experience in buying something and having
it installed.

You guided us every step of the way and made it stress free and fun. We were so excited on the day it was delivered and watching the big crane put it in place was amazing!

I am enjoying it so much and getting stronger every day I use it. My grandchildren love it and Bob and I really enjoy just sitting and relaxing at the end of the day and enjoying a glass of wine.
We should have done this years ago! We love you Steve!!
Thank you!”
Bob and Nancy

Bob and Nancy

When I get home and working out and then get in the hot tub, I get out with no pain. The only issue is it still comes back when I get up in the mornings. The last couple of weeks of been intensified due to more physical work I’ve been trying to do.

But it is amazing, I can be hurting at a level 10 and get in the Vitality Swim Spa and hot tub section and work out for an hour and get out with the pain level of three…I Love it, I Love it, I Love it!

D. Housworth

” Steve

I always wanted to purchase a therapeutic pool or swim spa to help my physical condition. “I broke my neck, fortunately I was not paralyzed my neck is fused and I am stiff with rheumatoid arthritis”

Over the last few years I have been talking to salespersons from many different swim spa companies. At first I was very reluctant because no salesperson from any swim spa company assured me of the installation, setup and the task of hiring a crane to set this large swim spa in place.

Steve! you were the first person that I dealt with that showed compassion for my condition and assurance and setup of the swim spa. What I like from you as my “swim spa guy” after you were paid you still call and check on how things are going. You are always on call to answer any questions or problems that would occur. I have been recommending you to everyone I know. If any local potential buyers want to actually see or even want to try the swim spa you can call me and we can have them setup a time to come and enjoy this relaxing, therapeutic wonderful experience. On top of everything else I made a new friend!, Thank you Steve!”

Eddie O

Steve is the one stop man for all your spa needs !
He knows the product in and out, the details needed for the whole process from the electric installation to the crane delivery and for a perfect final placement of the Swim Spa !
When talking with Steve I told him that I had a small unlevel concrete pad and he knew what to do to leave it perfectly level and perfect location, within 1/8″ from where I had planned and I had to tell him that I can live with that… he insisted as he has all the tools and methods to get it perfect…

Steve is really easy to talk, just as stated !! no matter if you know or don’t about spas, he will guide you to understanding required for you to make a choice…

I research several other models, places, etc and Steve has the most modern design of swim-spas, with the best on gadgets ! and the best part is how he shows interest in your interest, he’s always been prompt on getting my calls and email responses !

Thanks so much Steve you are an awesome guy !!

Maurice D.

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to thank you for the great service. You always return my call very promptly and know exactly what to do. One of the best features of my swim spa is having you as a source. Everything is working great and I expect it to for along time to come. I look forward to talking with you in the future to discuss new ideas. Please stop by anytime you are in the area.
Best Regards, Chuck


“My wife and I were both apprehensive about the benefits of a swim spa vs. the cost, but after just a short while we are both convinced that we have made a very smart purchase. I have several herniated discs in my lower back and my wife has hip issues. The Vitality Swim Spa takes the impact out of exercising, Eileen is a runner and at our age, it just is not as easy as it once was. She can work out in the Swim Spa and get the same workout without that impact stress on her joints. We have purchased aquatic dumbbells and they provide more than enough resistance to get a good through workout. I really like doing my lower back exercises with the support of the water to hold up my body and then after that, I like just sitting and letting the jets massage my back. It’s great. Did we have a tough time making this decision YES. Do we regret it. NO WAY. We wish we would of made the decision to buy the Vitality Swim Spa so much sooner.”

Jim and Eileen

Jim and Eileen

“After much research and deliberation, my husband and I purchased a Vitality 14 swim spa from Swim Spa Source. We wanted to access our swim spa from our enclosed porch. This was quite a challenge indeed as it had to be raised 4 feet off the ground. But when all was said and done, it was awesome – well worth the effort! Steve, our Swim Spa Source representative, was extremely knowledgeable and beyond patient in helping us with every step of our purchase. We chose a swim spa because my husband and I had different needs. I wanted aquatic exercise and he needed the hydro therapy, and the swim spa more than accommodates both our needs. An added bonus was watching our little granddaughter frolic about as well – it was hard getting her to come out. Swim Spa Source has a great quality swim spa at an affordable price. We recommend everyone to Steve at Swim Spa We couldn’t be happier!

Jim and Eileen,

Jim and Eileen

We could not be happier with our new Vitality Swim Spa.
I did quite a bit of shopping before we came across Steve at Swim Spa Source, and his service and product knowledge has been fantastic.
Our Spa and Steve exceeded our expectations!
Doug and Chalee

Doug and Chalee

” Steve,
We absolutely love our new Vitality Swim Spa from Swim Spa Our friends and family always comment on how awesome all the options are that came with the Swim Spa. The kids have a blast playing in the river jets and we have really enjoyed working out in the spa as well. The river jets are a lot of fun to swim, run or walk against and the rowing system is great for an upper body workout.

We chose a swim spa over a pool so that we could swim year round, since our weather has such a short swimming season. Now after enjoying this spa everyday, a pool seems a little on the boring side.

Thank you so much for helping us choose our vitality swim spa, you have been great to work with and very prompt with any questions that we have had!”


Mark and Rachael

“Our experience with was amazing. When you go to the internet for a purchase you are always spectacle of honestly. From day one we had nothing but direct contact with Steve. He always did what he said he would even down to the exact time he would be at our home to deliver our swim spa. He was very knowledgeable about the product and held true to everything he said. Still to this day he checks in with us making sure everything is going good and if we have any questions. We would highly recommend anyone to Steve and . The swim spa we got is amazing and we are enjoying it so much.”

Eddie and Julia

Wow…Here is some Video of the different Swim Spas Available. Look at The Strong River Flow Current…Even the most Athletic Swimmer can Swim In The Vitality River Stream System!
Also, You can decrease the River Stream Flow where even a Child can Swim!
Have Your Choice of either One, Two Or Three River Stream Currents on and have the Additional Flexibility to Increase or Decrease The Swim Current with Air Venturies. Very Nice!

Look at the Water Spout Jets, and Watch them change colors! Available on Some of our Awesome “Elite” Swim Spas. Check for availability.